SICP Challenge

Posted on 2010-03-14

The SICP study group met today. We agreed to do the following:

We agreed to meetup once in 2 weeks.

So, here I am, (re)starting the SICP from today. Hopefully this time I will complete the book. I am very tempted to do the exercises in clojure, so that I won’t copy the code as it is from the text. I am not sure whether future chapters can become difficult for me because of this, but I think I will give it a try with clojure. Also I believe I will need only a subset of clojure so that use only the fundamentals and no advanced facilities.

Here are some of the available resources that I plan to use:

My solutions will be available in this github repository. Of course, I/we are not the first to do this. Here are some of the other people who have attempted this and have documented it (much better than I could ever do) on the web.

For those who are using Scheme, this page or Neil Van Dyke’s Racket SICP mode.will be of great help.