rkrishnan.org -- now with SSL padlock

Posted on 2014-03-09

I just bought an SSL certificate (free for the first year) from gandi.net and configured nginx to serve the pages over SSL. It was very easy to enable SSL, the whole process took me about 30 minutes (including the verification time from Gandi). I mostly followed Ben Jeffrey’s excellent blog post with a few trivial changes. I chose to use a “file” verification method instead of DNS or email. This is very easy to do, one needs to download a file and put it at the root of one’s website.

A friend tells me that I should probably get the EV Certificate. I think it probably makes sense for e-commerce websites or those websites that authenticate users and take their personal data. I am doing none of these. My website is just serving some static pages. Then why bother with https at all? Because one can. I just wanted to convince myself that it is easy to encrypt data between the browser and the server.