New computer

Posted on 2015-06-22

I recently changed jobs and am working from home these days. Since I needed an Intel machine for work, I decided to assemble one from parts (instead of buying a readily made one from the well known companies). And building PCs have always been fun.

The last time I did that was in 2011. That computer is still very much functional. Just that I needed an Intel processor with some extensions which the older one didn’t have (that was an AMD machine).

Needless to say that I am a big fan of general purpose computers which can be built from parts. The act of building the PC from the parts (even though the parts themselves are black boxes) is a lot of fun.

Unlike last time, I ordered most of the parts online. Here is a rough parts list:

It booted with the Debian GNU/Linux from my old hard disk just fine. The machine feels a lot more “responsive” compared to the old one. Thanks to the software bloat, it will soon reach the same state as the older hardware. Still, I am grateful that Free Software exist. The bitterness and anger after being cheated by big corporations like Google and Apple has not vanished yet. For work, I tend to just use whatever is needed to get things done and am glad Free Software completely takes care of my development needs.

I guess the real “upgrade” for me compared to my old machine is not the increased RAM, not the latest CPU but the SSD. I am yet to really test the SSD because I have real work to do. I hope to do that soon.

Also this looks like a good time for people to re-read Peter Norvig’s answers to “the latency numbers every programmer should know”.